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Veg Cheese Pizza —–

Cheese Pizza —–

Margherita Pizza —–

Tang Tomato Pizza —–


—– Mix Veg Pizza 

—– French Fries Pizza 

—– Baby Corn Pizza 

—– Farm House Pizza 


  1. Veg Cheese Pizza
  2. Cheese Pizza
  3. Margherita Pizza
  4. Tang Tomato Pizza
  5. Mix Veg Pizza
  6. French Fries Pizza
  7. Baby Corn Pizza
  8. Farm House Pizza

Cocoa —–

Cocoa Crush —–

Cocoa With Ice Cream —–

Black Forest Cocoa —–

Taste the Good Morning

—– Flavored Cocoa

—– CDC Blast

—– Oreo Punch

—– Classical Chocolate Shake 

Taste the Good Morning

  1. Flavored Cocoa
  2. CDC Blast
  3. Oreo Punch
  4. Classical Chocolate Shake
  5. Cocoa 
  6. Cocoa Crush
  7. Cocoa With Ice Cream
  8. Black Forest Cocoa

Aloo Tikki —–

Classical Burger —–

Tandoori Burger —–

Veg Cheese Burger —–

Burgers That Make Taste Buds Dance

—– Spicy Cheese Burger

—– Pineapple Burger

—– CDC Special Burger

—– Egg Burger

Burgers That Make Taste Buds Dance

  1. Spicy Cheese Burger
  2. Pineapple Burger
  3. CDC Special Burger
  4. Aloo Tikki
  5. Classical Burger
  6. Tandoori Burger
  7. Veg Cheese Burger

Aloo Tikki Wrap —–

Mexican Wrap —–

Peri Peri Wrap —–

Tandoor Panner Wrap —–

Elevate Your Day
One Roll at a Time

—– Garlic Chicken Wrap 

—– CDC Chicken Wrap 

—– CDC Special Wrap 

—– Egg and Chicken Wrap 

Elevate Your Day
One Roll at a Time

  1. Garlic Chicken Wrap 
  2. CDC Chicken Wrap
  3. CDC Special Wrap
  4. Egg and Chicken Wrap
  5. Aloo Tikki Wrap
  6. Mexican Wrap
  7. Peri Peri Wrap
  8. Tandoor Panner Wrap

Our Menu


Chik Chik Chicken Pizza —–
[Pizza Sauce, Onion, Chicken ]
Love Bite Pizza —–
[Pizza Sauce, Pineapple, Jalapenos, Mushroom, Schezwan Dip, Chicken Mix]
Spicy Chicken Pizza —–
[Pizza Sauce, Onion, Capsicum, Red Paprika, Green Chilli, jalapenos, Grilled Chicken]
Chicken BBQ Pizza —–
[Pizza Sauce, Onion, Capsicum, Mushrum, Chicken Achari Dip, Extra Cheese]

Spicy Carnivore Delight

—– Four Season Pizza
[Pizza Sauce, Onion, Golden Corn, Black Olive, Chicken Salami, Seek Kabab, Extra Cheese ]
—– Punjabi Special Pizza
[Pizza Sauce, Baby Corn, Tomatoes, Capsicum, Salami Chicken, Makhani Dip, Paneer, Fried Chicken]
—– Non Veg Teamer Pizza
[Pizza Sauce, Onion, Capsicum, Baby Corm, Soya Chaap, Chicken Seek Kabab, Chilly Cheese Blend, Fried Chicken, Coriander ]

Egg Burger—–

Chicken Crunchy Burger —–

Egg n Pineapple Burger —–

Chicken Grilled Burger —–

Juicy Joy Burger

—– Chicken Tandoori Burger

—– Chicken Sausage Ginger Burger

—– Chicken Cheese Patti Burger

—– Chicken Cheese Burger

Chicken Supreme Sandwich—–

Chicken & Sweetcorn Sandwich —–

Egg & Chicken Sandwich —–

Delightful Sandwich

—– Chicken & Salami Sandwich

—– Chicken Sausage Sandwich

—– Chicken Grilled Sandwich